Chapter 4

Your story is your diversity

“..* A little about my journey, and how my experiences helped to shape my chosen business model.

Taking you back 10 years or so, I can recall how I went about affirming exactly what my gifts were and strengthening my confidence in those abilities.

I got most of my novice creative business experience through the artistic, photography and graphic work I completed for friends and family for free. Then, after I graduated Senior year in 2006 and went on to go to college for fine arts where I would build on my skill set and tightening up my ‘workflow’.

Over time, I learned the nitty-gritty about what would be expected of me as an industry professional.

During college, I worked as a saleswoman at various well known companies in New York City – from Macy’s to Cablevision. Which is when and where I learned the majority what I know now about customer service, sales and marketing techniques.

By 2010 (aged 22) I was appointed to creative director for a friend’s start-up called “Downtown Mayhem”. I didn’t know it then, but one of the videos I created for our project ‘Downtown Mayhem: Volume I’ an early collaborative project, would go on to be a notable part of the visibility of careers that are simply soaring 7 years on.

Thousands of people saw it and loved it. It was all over Twitter and was even branded with our logo and message before we knew the true significance of what we had put in place. By then, the entire combined audience of each individual artist were aware of the work we had done as a collective and the buzz was still there, many people were looking to see more from us after that. But the start-up was only really structured with publicity in mind and no follow up project was planned. Had we put into play any sort of monetization strategies, we might have been able to generate the resources we needed to continue to grow. Sadly that effectively stunted its development and cut its life short.

Shortly after the first project was completed, the company and I parted ways. But the majority of the individual artists featured in the project went on to grow and flourish, and do incredible things.

That experience taught me that Multimedia is powerful and branding is essential to growth. Applying Multimedia messaging to your business through branding and combining it with smart profit strategies will absolutely take your business to another level.

Fast forward, to around 2012 when I had my daughter, I took some time while in London I work on my painting skills. Meanwhile, I kept a keen eye on observing what was happening in the art scene in NYC. By the time I came back to NY in 2015 I had been in contact with my unofficial fine Art Mentor. He introduced me to live painting with ‘Paint & Poetry’ some time before arriving and i had just been waiting for my opportunity to actually attend. ‘Paint and Poetry’ gave me an avenue to show and sell my work and get to know people. I did this for several months, learning each time, more and more of what it took to be an artist. This is where I learned that, although I loved painting and liked being on stage, the industry itself not as straightforward as I thought it would be, painting is already an expensive career when you’re working on a fine art level that cost only increases. Not to mention for me it can be seriously time consuming. The paintings that I valued the most weren’t fast food, since I take an average of 6 weeks to complete a large piece. I came to know for a fact that my finest works took a whole lot of time and were personal to me. I also personally need to be inspired and generally paint for the gratification of myself and others. So I prefer to keep my own pace with my art, whether I’m intending on selling it or keeping it for myself. This made me realized that when I do offer painting services, I likely will only take on 2-6 clients a year.

Soon, I felt like I had narrowed down what I was the greatest at, what I had a passion for, AND what I could produce the most abundantly and efficiently. This is when I began organising portfolios of work to reflect my aptitudes, and gradually charging more for my services.

I then started reinvesting the money I earned into more professional equipment and classes so I could improve on my production value.

After some time of this I came to the realization that, simply exchanging my time for money was a good way to create a business.
Yes, with hard work I could make an honest living doing almost anything. However, it was obvious without me working actively.. these kinds of solo, hands on business models couldn’t make money. If I couldn’t stop to strategize my growth while still receiving an income, then it would never grow and that I knew that wasn’t the best way to build true lasting wealth. Before hiring money and mindset coaches in early 2016, I had very little idea of what to do to solve this problem beyond acquiring more customers or raising my prices. How would I begin to acquiring the kinds of resources that could sustain my lifestyle, while doing what I love and how do I do it consistently.

To find answers I spent lots of time on youtube growing my business and spiritual knowledge. Learning about everything from business models to the body’s chakras, intuition and eventually studying my mindset and how the way we are hardwired affects each aspect of our lives. Based on the things that we consciously and subconsciously think, say, and do our experience changes with every decision and lack thereof.

I learned that the mental emotional body is a significant part of our experience as individuals, and just like the physical body also needs to be protected, strengthened and maintained so that it can function optimally.

In order for me to create and sustain the life I wanted to live.. Including the art what I wanted to channel, and the woman I wanted to be. I had to not only understand business principles, but also how to break things down and connect with my own internal condition. Seeking to Interpret my emotions and heal any wounds, so that I won’t have my progress controlled by any and all kinds of external circumstances. Going forward, I could truly be in the driver’s-seat of my own existence.

Among the many people I encountered on Youtube and Periscope, I found quite a few coaches and gurus speaking from this perspective. Many of which between them had messages I needed to hear about the inner and outer work that had to be done in life. I absorbed knowledge from those incredible coaches -some strictly through their free offerings, and others whom I took a step further and actually payed money to teach me more.

The gurus I gravitated towards were often those who were, and are still now, building incredible lives for themselves in this same world I’m in. -Beginning with the same or far fewer resources than I have now. So I knew that since they were able to do it, it must be  possible for me to get where i’m going too, I just needed to learn how it’s done.

Which brings me to the next action step..”


Thank you for reading a little more about my journey, this is an excerpt from “Creative Gold: Vol 1” an audiotape Written by myself (Angelina Henry) and narrated by Steven Perkins

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