1️⃣ @Username / Handle


The most ideal profile photo is:




Two of your most recognizable visual assets of your brand are your LOGO and Personal Likeness. Also, when these images are shrunk down to ICON size, typically they are still identifiable.

3️⃣ What you do, what’s your name?

4️⃣ What you offer and to who? @‘s of other pages you manage. Branded #hashtags or trends you participate in and any emojis you want to use.

5️⃣ External links to your work

An online storefront like etsy or bigcartel can be developed in an afternoon and linked in your instagram bio, which will create a system in which you can promote, drive traffic and collect sales for your goods.

– Link tree Index page
– Sales page
– Portfolio
– Online store
– Email list

Big cartel in particular is a great tool because it supports intergrations such as ‘printful’ which can completely automate your merchandise business as they both print and fulfill your orders for you, dispatching them directly to your customers after they place an order.


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