Hello! It’s been a long time! How are you?

If we’ve only just met, My name is Angelina Henry, Manager of @hirethecityagency.

I am a Lifelong visual artist and filmmaker via my production company, High Veracity Studios. additionally worked for 14 years in corporate business development and as sales executor for a number of top telecommunications, insurance and automotive corporations.

In 2015 While working in sales, I implemented the mechanisms and systems I found I needed in order to market and sell my video services virtually. Over the last 6 years with Hirethecity.com, I offer these systems to my clients as a complement to the multimedia and video products I create through High Veracity Studios. and in some cases taught how to install infrastructure to other independent businesses owners in the online space.

Now, Please take the time to drop likes❤️, comment and share with me anything you would like for me to go into more depth about on instagram and Visit hirethecity.com/themenu for the ways we can work together.

A website is important, but its not all you need for a winning sales funnel.

The point of a sales funnel is to gather attention and identify the customer’s needs.
Then direct that attention to the right solution to their problem, utilizing online Marketing mechanisms and sales systems to transact an equal of exchange value.

A website without sales infrastructure is like a house without walls or furniture. —Not particularly functional.

This week I tried visiting some of my followers’ websites and some of you have gorgeous sites??..
But also so many of your profiles have no links or have links to nowhere! If this is you, How has it been this way? And how long will you keep loosing customers to broken links in your sales funnel?

I know some of you have bought a (.com) domain for your brand but haven’t gotten around to building an actual site.
?You know… It doesn’t have to be this way. Did you know there are a few ways you can connect a page to your .com in just an afternoon?

There are simple ways you can connect your .com to a webpage that doesn’t take months and YEARS to complete. In fact it can be done in an afternoon!

That way, in the meantime your prospective clients can get to know your product or service.

➡️ If your client can’t do their research and learn about what you have to offer online, its gonna be hard for them to make the decision to buy with you online.

Having a well organized website or sales page is the best way to create a seamless, trustworthy transition to the sale. ?

3 Website Messaging Tips:

1️⃣ Clearly articulate the kind of experience consumers can expect from your product or service.

2️⃣ Describe in detail the problem you solve or enhancement you offer.

3️⃣ Use your choice of language and imagery to convey your message to the right audience.