Hi! My name is Angelina Henry, Multimedia Producer & Communications Strategist for my production company, High Veracity Studios. As the founding member of Hirethecity. I designed and built the Brand Kitchen System, and Contagious Video Marketing system as a complement my photography and videography Service, to empower other clients who are ready to refine their brand from head to toe, improving the overall consumer experience — so they can grow an engaged and targeted audience, attracting better leads so they can increase their bottom line and make a bigger impact. Our purpose is to completely change the game for creative business by delivering branding and advertisement solutions that WOW the Market, effortlessly attracting MORE of the right kinds of clients and buyers. Doing better business, and making more money!


— I created HiretheCity.com to be a hub for creative entrepreneurs from all over the world and different creative backgrounds to grow their brands and make valuable connections. We want to grow into an international community and resource base that inspires creativity, nurtures the development of sustainable business ecosystems while garnering opportunities for profitable collaborations.


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