The Power of using video to market on Instagram and other social media.

By Angelina Henry


So we have reached the closing chapter of 2017, and you may have noticed the recent explosion of video content all over the pages of social media. Its estimated that a third of our time online is used to consume video via wide range of digital video formats -between video memes, movie trailers, and how-to videos.. Video has found itself a staple use for the internet.

People love watching videos mostly due to the level of stimulation receive as well as the detail and speed at which you retain information by watching videos vs reading the same information in text form. Since its invention, the video format had those advantages.

One of the most notable shifts observed in IG was in 2015 –when Instagram, originally built to only share still photographs and graphics launched its own brand new video capabilities.

This was particularly interesting because since the moment IG launched in 2013 they seemed to be leading a wave of functionality in the social media space, when compared to their contemporaries such as Twitter & Facebook, but as time went on and it found itself in competition for dominance over market-share when new peer apps begin to surge in popularity and start competing for space.

For instance, when the “vine” app originally launched in 2013 vine wasn’t seen as competition to Instagram, after-all they were so different! that is until and people became obsessed with the things people could do with an 8 video loop. Video was on the rise as the favored content type online. I imagine the people over at Instagram experienced a significant impact on their metrics and could see how things were shifting in the market. In 2015 Instagram responded to the gradual territory encroachment and the markets growing demand for video by introducing the ability to post up to 15 second video clips. By 2016, it was increased to 60 seconds and now supports widescreen.

Why all the comotion? Well you see, by 2015 Instagram became painfully aware that the market was changing, and in order to continue to be the place to be online, the user experience has had to be evolving to meet or enhance the needs of the consumer, and in this case, they chose to adapt its existing photo sharing outlet to service the increasingly video-centric nature of it consumers.

The powerful thing about utilizing video for marketing is the ability to convey virtually any message you want, sound and visuals combine to push the story, and puts the viewer into a scenario they can engage with and in the format they can receive the most value from.

What you might be surprised to know is that, much like Myspace back in the day.. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, etc. aren’t just about socializing, lurking timelines and liking pics. For many, Instagram it’s a networking buffet and bustling marketplace for business and exchange of a wide variety of goods and services.

51% of online marketers have found video to be one of the most effective communication tools offering the highest return on investment compared to any other digital medium.

Meaning they reach more people, and make more sales with the employment effective of video marketing.

Video is approaching a new beginning of its wave, people who are learning video and using it in their marketing are seeing higher returns on their investments of time, money and effort.
All precious commodities as entrepreneurs.

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