Creative Gold (Vol 1): Becoming a Highly Valuable Creative Entrepreneur

Creative Gold (Vol 1): Becoming a Highly Valuable Creative Entrepreneur


By Angelina Henry
(Feb 2017)

1. Your skill set
2. Discover your Creative Power Position
3. Narrow down your gifts
4. Your story is your diversity
5. Who is your coach
6. Get to know your audience
7. Build out your business culture


25min Audio Tape
Narrated By Steven Perkins 
+ Full Color Printable Workbook

“It’s important to remember that, the better acquainted you are with yourself, the easier you will find it to become more attuned with the business of your dreams.

In the following have listed the first step to increasing clarity, monetary value and fulfillment of one’s creative destiny.

Once you have successfully addressed ALL of the items mentioned  in this volume, you will have built for yourself the foundation of knowledge needed to grow into the powerful creative entrepreneur that you were born to be. This volume of Creative Gold we call “Knowing” teaches you that it all starts with you.  Your own thoughts and feelings and beliefs about the value that you bring to the game sets the stage for you and your presentation of the overall value that you bring. Getting deep in thought and making decisions based on your own creative motivations is key, As you piece together how your particular art-form evolved from your personal story, naturally your brand will become rooted in such a personal way that authenticity simply will ooze from your work. Effortlessly attracting the type of attention that is unshakably loyal, and genuinely engaged by your messaging”.


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