I have always believed deeply in the right for the artist to LIVE A LIFE OF EXPRESSION and purpose. There was once a time where at the door of our dreams stood a faceless gatekeeper who kept many of us from being visible an counted. Now with our hands on this incredible combination of hand held technology and personal social media platforms, we have the power to reach out and touch others with our messages.

I believe I have something powerful within me to share, and skills to teach that can bless those who also want to share insights and information.
I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE GIFT OF CREATIVITY, the ability to see pieces of an undefined puzzle and assemble them in a way that is both beautiful and impactful..
Many people I see in the world, gifted people are it seems being silenced by what was true in the past and are daunted the jump it will take to learn the new ways for them to realize their dreams.

Some people have great lessons to teach but dare not get on video and share them.. why?
Well from my experience one thing that stops people from sharing videos is not being sure what to say.

I remember feeling this way.. bursting with information but unsure of exactly what to say. I spent the entirety of last year jumping around from subject to subject, speaking to everyone and winding up talking to no one in the end.

Frustrated, I took a step back after observing and learning about social media video. This is form of public speaking.. I wanted to connect and engage in a meaningful way but I didn’t think enough about who I was talking to, or take the time to break things down in a digestible way. Which was a mistake.

What I ended up learning through a ton of trial and error was, speaking topics are something you unravel and segment from your overall message. Try to speak to one aspect of your message at a time, and you’ll be able to engage without being confusing or convoluted. Reach that one woman or man who needs to hear it at that time give each segment of your audience content that satisfies their needs completely before moving on to an adjacent topic/audience segment.

As a result of my painful learning curve I’ve come away with some lifechanging skills that assist me everyday in my online marketing. I’ve gotten content planning down to a science, now I will always have great content to share that flows with ease throughout each campaign.

If you are interested in learning how to unravel your gifts an put them on paper in the form of topics you can share for your own videos please add your name to this list and join me as I walk you through my process for planning video content. CLICK THE LINK TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE 8/27/18