I think the dream for most people is to make money using their own god given gifts.

Let’s get off to a great start, by making every effort to learn more about the industry you want to get into. Learn more about your craft. If your can’t go back to conventional school at this moment. At least use the internet, Google and youtube to educate yourself.



Although it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money when you’re trying to MAKE more money. I’m here to tell you that you may want to consider finding a mentor, or paid coach. it isn’t absolutely necessary for you to seek out guidance, but it is advisable if you really want to make real leaps and bounds in your business and in your life.

In 2016 I made the decision to stop talking about the changes that needed to be made in my life, and start making them. Only thing is, I didn’t particularly know where I should start. How could I make the kind of money I knew I deserved to make using my own skills and gifts.

The first thing I identified that I needed to work on, was my mindset and my relationship with FINANCES. Since that was one of my areas of most importance. I had a lot of different talents and skills, but I had no clue how to be effective in building the “this and that” that I did into functional brand and business.

I had to find a solution so I could get on the path to better stability and a more fulfilling life.

I took the advice of many of the coaches and gurus I came in contact with and examined:



Track the root of your current attitude towards money in general, (People who have money, how money comes and how money it goes).

What are the assumptions you have had regarding the kinds of industries you believe are well paid in society, Why you believe those things and where did you learn it from? What your parents have taught you about money and how it should be treated? What parts do you want to reprogram?


Because the world is experienced differently depending on the individual PERSPECTIVE, therefore the agreements and associations we have developed towards money and other things since childhood have shaped many of our current expectations of what is possible for us, through to adulthood.

The only way to break the limiting thought processes that are slowing you down, is to turn and face them and acknowledge their existence.

That way you can recognize the programming when it shows up in your everyday life.
Be conscious though, of what happens when you’re learning about who you really are, you will have to face parts of our programming that may have developed even during childhood that need to be addressed and updated since they now actively impact our rate of success.

To many of us give in to a degree of comfort seeking dissonance and dismissal of what we see whenever we make discoveries that cast doubt on one or more of our core/deeply held beliefs or dealing with ideas we don’t fully understand. This is human nature, I think it comes from a desire to preserve what is familiar. To me if I find it inside me or showing up in my experience and it doesn’t align with how I want to live going forward then I aim to either change it to work well or remove it altogether.



When you’re getting ready to embark on a new level of your existence, and you’re making big changes in your life. There are some things that need to be evaluated, especially when it comes to your finances.

Before you can have money flowing to you, you have to be organised and structured. Because money does not flow in clutter.


  • Clean and organise every area of your home, office and personal belongings. 
  • Throw away anything that is unnecessary, broken of outdated so that new things can come in to replace the things that are most important.
  • Give yourself a designated space to work
  • Organise the files and folders on your computer. Avoid piling every new file onto the desktop. 
  • Periodically export photographs taken on your cell phone to your laptop or web based cloud to save space. This can be set to automatically sync together with your online storage. 
  • Take a look at your current spending habits and figure out what is unnecessary spending.



Take a good look at how you spend your money. Because that will give you a good indication of how what you currently value in your life and how you can streamline and prioritize in a way that brings you closer to your goals.


  • Call all the places that you pay monthly, ask to renegotiate or ask for loyalty discounts 
  • Track your spending and reduce unnecessary purchases. 
  • Call people who owe you money and make arrangements for repayment.

Plan on how you will profit from your gifts


  • Decide on the product(s) or services you will offer 
  • Calculate your upfront costs 
  • Decide on pricing based on your costs and sweat equity (effort & intellectual property), and leverage what you know about the current market. 
  • Plan who you will market to, where you will find them and how you will capture and keep their attention through to the sale. 
  • Once you have a system that works orchestrate how you will duplicate your system to get consistent results. 
  • Keep account of your costs, profits, sales metrics and inventory



I soon learned through guidance from my first life/wealth coach that my finances are closely related to my own energy sexuality and otherwise. Ultimately since where I see myself arriving financially and my relationship with my sexuality at that time weren’t aligning. As a young mother there were still a lot of things I didn’t fully understand or embrace about my womanhood and that was part of what was hindering my ability to present my value shamelessly, and properly position my work to be profitable.

When I analysed myself further I came to the realization that in both sex and my ability to be visible and earn money I had effectively hindered myself by holding back. Mostly because I never wanted to end up in a situation where I was being taken advantage of and insufficiently compensated for my time, passion and effort. In reality, holding back what you have to offer isn’t the solution in either case, as the experience of lack is often the by-product of a begrudging reduction in generosity.

In other words, it’s not that you need to dial back your energy completely, as that actually only creates more lack and resistance in your experience, which ends up increasing your propensity towards distrust which in turn attracts more self serving individuals into your experience. Instead, try to exercise discernment and intuition to put yourself in alignment with people who have better energy to exchange with you and are happy to compensate you in line with the value you also bring to their lives. Practice keeping your own energy balanced so you can stay in the vibration of ease and even exchange. First you have to decide what people you see yourself working with, how you want to get paid and what you are willing to do for your pay.

The biggest thing I remind myself of constantly as I go through life is that what we feel, think, say, do and receive -all feed off of one another to create our respective realities. Therefore it becomes our responsibility to curate our energy exchange to be mutually beneficial and of higher nature.

I ended up narrowing down specific areas where I was being blocked by my own negative thoughts and beliefs surrounding money these are things that many other people may have issues with too. If so, I hope this helps you.



  1. Not good enough drama (Imposter syndrome)
  2. Non-Pay Paralysis (fear that you will not be paid for your work
  3. Money fear (Fear of having money)
  4. Responsibility Avoidance
  5. Feds is watching Program
  6. Bank of me complex
  7. Fear of Losing it all


These are real fears, based in logic but unfortunately steeped in a ton of lack orientated emotion. As a remedy to these limiting beliefs i have developed some positive affirmations

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