By Angelina Henry

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow.. I have so many dope creative people around me!

And you may be noticing the brave souls begin to share their work or are starting businesses on the side. You might be a parent, a cousin, auntie or big brother.. You likely feel the urge to encourage and support
them in achieving their dreams. I know as a creative when I was young and even still now how incredibly important it is to have a layer of support among your inner circle. People who help you to explore and identify
early what your gifts are give guidance for how to succeed, spreading the about your ventures, and helping to get you work.

So if you want to be in assistance to the people you see developing into Creative Entrepreneurs, Here are 4 areas that make up what I call the creative support Matrix. Where creatives and patrons
can consciously invest in building a symbiotic ecosystem where art and creativity is acknowled, promoted,and properly rewarded.




  • Buy art
    • Open a store or gallery buying and selling work created by local artists.
    • Bid for government funded projects and hire local artists to for community projects
  • Direct others to buy art
    • Actively promote art collection as a desirable lifestyle choice
    • Create a blog talking about a specific creative medium and encourage your readership to invest in the artists you choose to support
    • Share the things they offer with others and make personal recommendations or if you are confident enough having tried it yourself, cosign the product, goods or service.


Creative Counsel

  • Offer advanced skill training
    • Share the benefit of your experience and artistic mastery with students
    • Offer classes & workshops on your area of expertise
    • Compile a collection of tips and advice
  • Share your tastes, review & promote products and offer constructive criticism


Platforms and Opportunities

  • Host events that showcase art, artists, creative businesses or talent.
    • Radio Show
    • Podcast
    • Tv show
    • Vlogcast
    • Magazine Article
    • Press release



  • Get a competitive edge hire an artist or creative consultant to work on your next project
    • Murals
    • Event performance
    • Interview
    • Features
  • Build teams of creatives to work on large scale, contracted projects
  • Compound visibility efforts by working with other creatives to cross audiences and expand fanbase.


Creativity is a gift to be cultivated, because its a way to make a way from no way. We will always need the creatives in society to make the world bright, insightful and hopeful.

If you want information on how you can turn your passion or gift into a small business.

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