Social Video Marketing Plan

This bundle is for brands that need to create a Video Marketing Strategy to access a higher quality client.

What you get:

- Market Analysis
Specializing  is essential for really effective targeting because its a concentration on a particular group that relate intimately with the problem your product or service solves. We will pinpoint your micro-niche by analyzing your audience engagement, what your Unique Power Position is and how it gives you a strategic advantage.

- What audience typically engages with your content and why.

- Divide video audience into dominant categories.

- Identify the types of content that receive the most engagement consistently.

- Social Media Enhancement

- Who is your direct competition?

- What do they typically offer?

- How does your offering differ?

- How do they present themselves online?

- What platforms you should be on, and how to use them

- What strategy should you be using?

- What to do to improve the visual appeal of your offering

- Client Avatar outline

- Seasonal offer calendar

- Weekly promotions

- Monthly Contests

- Full length IGTV/Youtube Video Training

- Digital product planning

- Custom Instagram Content deployment plan

- Automation Configuration

- Sales Video Scripting

- What kind of color strategy should you use?

- How you can enhance your communications using graphics

- What types of videos you can create

- Video series planning

- Video Sales Funnel

- Channel copy with external links

- When and how you should launch your video campaigns

- Quarterly Action Planning

- A marketing plan your offers over the next quarter. Create a consistent brand experience that stands out and commands more attention in the market.

- Includes quarterly plan & a monthly 1-on-1 session with video/audio recording.

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