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Today we design our own Merchandise..


Its true as they say, you do need multiple streams of income if you want a financially independent life.

Unfortunately though, as artists/creatives, we tend to depend heavily on the use of our hands on abilities and let that be the business' only means of generating revenue.

Many people miss out on opportunities to make much better money and enhance visibility, Simply because it's never considered to create merchandise and making it available to our supporters.

Don't rely on solely your own two hands to bring you the income that you need, let your audience help support you.

Share more tangible value in the form of brand-worthy merchandise printed with your images or slogan, offer a piece of your brand that they can say they own.

When you give them new ways to be a part of your movement while also adding value to their lives, you win twice!

This is a workshop is intended to give brands the foundational knowledge needed to leverage their personal brand or business and add a stream of revenue via t-shirts, stickers and other varieties of merchandise.

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