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Who Do You Serve?

In my journey as a creative entrepreneur, I’ve noticed how tempting it is to make our avatars: (the person/people we seek to serve consistently) a mirror image of ourselves.

The majority of us  have our focus set on looking to serve those who are exactly like us in the most literal way possible.

And its not hard to understand why..  If I chose to concentrate specifically on the Black, Female creative demographic. I’d find those who are are a similar age as me – but whom are perhaps at an earlier stage in their development. This strategy would be understandable and almost acceptable because I was her and so already know her to some extent, therefore I know what she needs to know and do in order to get from where she is to where I am now. 

But to be real, if I based my marketing on that blanket archetype of a black, female, creative, it goes without saying that there are literally thousands of women out there, “just like me” all of them ready to share out similar knowledge. What makes me different?

– The added perspective of My Journey, My STORY, my HOW and my WHY.

It’s true, your ideal audience is going to share some similarities to you but not in the way you might think.

Yes, generally an audience like this will tend to relate to you on a superficial level because 1) You share certain obvious similarities and 2) Because they need something that you offer, are troubled by a problem you have experience with and need a tried, true and reliable solution.

However, the people who buy and then continue to return and patronize your business long term are your Ideal clients. 

These client are attracted the “What” of your offerings, but stick around for WHO you are, your STORY and your reputation.

Your style, and the subtle nuances of your “HOW” is what turns a Target into an Ideal client.

Understanding what is irresistible about the way you do what you do, and identifying your signature process and the true reason why people gravitate towards you, is key to being of service to that core client and hitching them to your wagon, long term.

Here’s an outline for learning who to serve and how to attract them to you.


Get to KNOW your Audience

  • Pay attention what kinds of viewers are attracted to your content
  • Take note of people who choose to follow you and come by often
  • Notice when people become more or less interactive and why.
  • Observe the times of day they are most active.


DIFFERENTIATE between your overall AUDIENCE, TARGET client and your IDEAL client.

  • Your audience is usually anyone in a line of business that could benefit from what you are offering, and need to learn about and why its right for them.
  • Your Target clients are those who are already aware that they need your offering but now need to know like and trust you enough to buy from you.
  • Your Ideal client already feels like they know, like and trust you. They love consuming your free content and In many cases they have already bought from you and are now ready to learn about your next offering.



  • There are many people offer what you offer, but none can do it the way you do.
  • Your CULTURE is an extension of your personal style, and style is your secret sauce.
  • What makes you defensible when compared to those that offer what exactly what you offer is your culture and relatability.
  • Your content may be what brings your client to you, by fate or recommendation but the CULTURE is why they stay.
  • Identify your style and CULTURE and what makes it so special so you can build the rest of your branding around it.


Now that you know who you’re talking to, Look THEM ALL in the EYES

    • Acknowledge the presence of new people who may have just discovered your existence, make them feel welcome
    • Be knowledgeable and personable. Tell relateable stories, mishaps and triumphs.
    • Share your perspectives on things and offer solutions based on your experiences and observations
    • Grow, but keep the essence of your brand culture intact.


As you’re growing your passion into a business, branding is a pivotal component to your business’ development.

I’m here to share with you what I know about the subject. ‘


Contact me If you are a creative entrepreneur who is interested in working with me to build and refine an authentic brand experience so you can STOP the pattern of playing small and start showing your audience, far and wide.. You are here, You are valuable and Highly capable.

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Enhance The Value of your Creativity

By Angelina Henry


If you are a creative, likelihood is you’ve heard the general consensus is that the pursuit of a creative livelihood is a super bad idea, and bound to have you struggling to pay your bills.


If you’re like me this advice didn’t stop you. But it made you too careful. you didnt go balls to the wall with your dreaming, because what if the inevitable happens??

What if you fail and you end up destitute, just as predicted?

I have always been a highly creative person, and though I was thrust into a life of corporate product sales, I have always fiercely rejected the idea that I could not become wealthy through the use of my talents.

After-all, I do have a LOT to offer the world, right — How could I starve?

I reasoned that, Sure.. there a many starving artists out there But there are some highly paid ones too..

So I did some research and found exactly what I had to enhance in order to thrive as a creative entrepreneur.



#1) SKILL > Get Good at your chosen craft, Then Get BETTER!

–  People who have taken the time and effort to cultivate and perfect their skills are the ones who win, and continue to do so consistantly..


Get OUT THERE and be noticed.

–  Expanding your network and becoming increasingly visible is the ideal way to grow an audience for what you have to offer.


SHOW your people what you’ve Got!

–  Showcase that skill in the places where they can be seen and appreciated


Solve a problem or fill a need with your work

–  Successfully link the goods or skill YOU HAVE with how it can fulfill a need someone has, and you will have a way to profit from what you know, thus supporting your continued work in that particular field.


All the greatest artists out there who have employed these principals have gone on to impact the world and their pockets significantly.

And these points don’t only apply to individuals, groups can and do follow the aforementioned steps to achieve success on a much larger scale;

Jamaica for instance, (a very small country in the Caribbean) was able to elevate from the realm of relative obscurity by leveraging the resource of creativity held by its people — With the figure heading of one individual the legend mr BOB MARLEY, among others, They were able to gain unprecedented visibility, Literally moving the entire world, with the power of its signature sound, Reggae.

India and Nigeria were able to enjoy similar successes, making millions building their own twist on the U.S’ notoriously homogeneous and culturally exclusionary film industry in Hollywood, California,

Each building their own version of the platform (Nollywood and Bollywood) by leveraging their own unique culture and the creativity of its people.

Bottom line here is this.. CREATIVITY is indeed a HIGHLY valuable gift to possess, but you must follow rules to win!