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Beginnings of a Fly, Shy Guy..

How ‘Lionel The Lion’ was developed from a random sketch between phone calls, into a published poetry book.
By Author, Angelina Henry.

Hi There!

My name is Angelina (LinaCreated) Henry, Author of ‘Lionel The Lion’, poetry book. Written to tell the story of a talented, but very shy Lion who found his voice and never looked back!

Writing and self publishing my own illustrations into a children’s book has been a richly rewarding experience for me. It feels great to try a new medium, and express my perspective in a way even my daughter’s generation can gather a valuable lesson from.

Today I want to share with you the story of how “Lionel the Lion” was created, + 4 things to think about when writing and Illustrating your first picture poetry book.


I’ll start off first by mentioning that for most of my adult life, I’ve worked selling various products and services over the phone. As you can probably imagine in this kind of job, it’s can at times become slow and boring in between calls. Sketching and drawing, is one way I coped with being connected to a desk waiting, and talking on the phone all day. I’d mostly use that idle time; to plan new paintings.


Its not so easy to find art supply stores where i live in Queens NY. So I’ve been limited but my top items for a bored at work sketch kit are 8×11 grid paper, mechanical pencil, black fineliner pen and colored pencils I picked up from my local pharmacy.

Planning to use a 4 pack of Canvas’ I had at home that were 16”x20”, I shrunk my plan down to 8cm x 10cm. Which is roughly 25% the size of my canvas. At that scale, I could plan 4 pieces per page. In each quadrant of the grid paper, I drew an animal. A Lion, an Octopus, an Elephant and a Fish.

For a while I experimented with many fun designs using the grid constraints, but in different styles. Then I went back to elaborate on the vivid animal characters I had drawn, inked and colored. I named each of the 4 characters, Lionel The Lion, Frida the Fish, Octavia the Octopus and Elliot the Elephant.

Lionel the Lion already had a story written —and so, his portrait would be the first piece I would paint full size. During publishing I would use the painting as cover of the book.

The writing process

I wanted to personify his character and give him a humanlike personality and perspective. The goal was to make him relatable, while also highlighting facts, natural behaviors and habitat of the animal species.

I considered the style of writing I could use to tell his story. In the end I chose poetry, as I was already interested in songwriting at the time. I chose an instrumental from youtube the song was recorded before it had illustrations. You can listen to a clip of the lionel anthem here. Songwriting/Poetry offered more creative licence and agency for delivery, of great message.

Character Name


Character Motivations

Lionel wants to be recognised for his gifts and not fade into the background behind his shyness.

What do they want?

He wants to sit unbothered in the tall grass. But He also wants to graduate, and become a mature Independent Lion.

Why don’t they have what they want? 

He is failing his opportunity to graduate, because he was avoiding getting on stage to deliver his roar.

What do they do to get it? Do they succeed?

He overcomes his shyness and performs on stage, to show his vocal ability. He was rewarded with respect from his peers.

How does the character change once they have what they want? 

He learns, he much prefers to be acknowledged and rewarded for his gifts —more than he is comfortable with staying socially invisible and “safe”.

The World:

‘Lionel is a Lion’ lives in the African Savannah. Very soon he will be a 3 years old lion. Becoming 3 years old (in lion years) means Lionel will soon leave to start his own Pride. He must perform rites of passage (Roaring classes) in order to graduate and become independent.

The writing process

I wrote the poetry using music. Using a trap music instrumental informed the style and constraints to the flow, cadence, patterns and length of the work.

Once I had my complete poem. I created an Illustration to match each stanza of the poem.

I highly recommend authorship to all creatives with a story to tell. It is a completely unique experience to create a world in written form.

4 tips for writing and illustrating your own books:

  1. Buy a dedicated sketchbook and a ruled notebook, as well as pencils and pen.
  2. Find time to sketch, draw or simply write out rough ideas for characters.
  3. Choose one of your ideas, then brainstorm to further elaborate and describe them, their motivations and world.
  4. If you’re writing poetry, consider writing to music instrumentals.

Thank you for being a valued reader, here at If you are interested in reading my latest title, Lionel the Lion, click here. To get started writing/illustrating click here to browse our virtual art store for supplies.

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Let Visibility Liberate You!

I have always believed deeply in the right for the artist to LIVE A LIFE OF EXPRESSION and purpose. There was once a time where at the door of our dreams stood a faceless gatekeeper who kept many of us from being visible an counted. Now with our hands on this incredible combination of hand held technology and personal social media platforms, we have the power to reach out and touch others with our messages.

I believe I have something powerful within me to share, and skills to teach that can bless those who also want to share insights and information.
I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE GIFT OF CREATIVITY, the ability to see pieces of an undefined puzzle and assemble them in a way that is both beautiful and impactful..
Many people I see in the world, gifted people are it seems being silenced by what was true in the past and are daunted the jump it will take to learn the new ways for them to realize their dreams.

Some people have great lessons to teach but dare not get on video and share them.. why?
Well from my experience one thing that stops people from sharing videos is not being sure what to say.

I remember feeling this way.. bursting with information but unsure of exactly what to say. I spent the entirety of last year jumping around from subject to subject, speaking to everyone and winding up talking to no one in the end.

Frustrated, I took a step back after observing and learning about social media video. This is form of public speaking.. I wanted to connect and engage in a meaningful way but I didn’t think enough about who I was talking to, or take the time to break things down in a digestible way. Which was a mistake.

What I ended up learning through a ton of trial and error was, speaking topics are something you unravel and segment from your overall message. Try to speak to one aspect of your message at a time, and you’ll be able to engage without being confusing or convoluted. Reach that one woman or man who needs to hear it at that time give each segment of your audience content that satisfies their needs completely before moving on to an adjacent topic/audience segment.

As a result of my painful learning curve I’ve come away with some lifechanging skills that assist me everyday in my online marketing. I’ve gotten content planning down to a science, now I will always have great content to share that flows with ease throughout each campaign.

If you are interested in learning how to unravel your gifts an put them on paper in the form of topics you can share for your own videos please add your name to this list and join me as I walk you through my process for planning video content. CLICK THE LINK TO JOIN THE CHALLENGE 8/27/18



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Creative Currency

I think the dream for most people is to make money using their own god given gifts.

Let’s get off to a great start, by making every effort to learn more about the industry you want to get into. Learn more about your craft. If your can’t go back to conventional school at this moment. At least use the internet, Google and youtube to educate yourself.



Although it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money when you’re trying to MAKE more money. I’m here to tell you that you may want to consider finding a mentor, or paid coach. it isn’t absolutely necessary for you to seek out guidance, but it is advisable if you really want to make real leaps and bounds in your business and in your life.

In 2016 I made the decision to stop talking about the changes that needed to be made in my life, and start making them. Only thing is, I didn’t particularly know where I should start. How could I make the kind of money I knew I deserved to make using my own skills and gifts.

The first thing I identified that I needed to work on, was my mindset and my relationship with FINANCES. Since that was one of my areas of most importance. I had a lot of different talents and skills, but I had no clue how to be effective in building the “this and that” that I did into functional brand and business.

I had to find a solution so I could get on the path to better stability and a more fulfilling life.

I took the advice of many of the coaches and gurus I came in contact with and examined:



Track the root of your current attitude towards money in general, (People who have money, how money comes and how money it goes).

What are the assumptions you have had regarding the kinds of industries you believe are well paid in society, Why you believe those things and where did you learn it from? What your parents have taught you about money and how it should be treated? What parts do you want to reprogram?


Because the world is experienced differently depending on the individual PERSPECTIVE, therefore the agreements and associations we have developed towards money and other things since childhood have shaped many of our current expectations of what is possible for us, through to adulthood.

The only way to break the limiting thought processes that are slowing you down, is to turn and face them and acknowledge their existence.

That way you can recognize the programming when it shows up in your everyday life.
Be conscious though, of what happens when you’re learning about who you really are, you will have to face parts of our programming that may have developed even during childhood that need to be addressed and updated since they now actively impact our rate of success.

To many of us give in to a degree of comfort seeking dissonance and dismissal of what we see whenever we make discoveries that cast doubt on one or more of our core/deeply held beliefs or dealing with ideas we don’t fully understand. This is human nature, I think it comes from a desire to preserve what is familiar. To me if I find it inside me or showing up in my experience and it doesn’t align with how I want to live going forward then I aim to either change it to work well or remove it altogether.



When you’re getting ready to embark on a new level of your existence, and you’re making big changes in your life. There are some things that need to be evaluated, especially when it comes to your finances.

Before you can have money flowing to you, you have to be organised and structured. Because money does not flow in clutter.


  • Clean and organise every area of your home, office and personal belongings. 
  • Throw away anything that is unnecessary, broken of outdated so that new things can come in to replace the things that are most important.
  • Give yourself a designated space to work
  • Organise the files and folders on your computer. Avoid piling every new file onto the desktop. 
  • Periodically export photographs taken on your cell phone to your laptop or web based cloud to save space. This can be set to automatically sync together with your online storage. 
  • Take a look at your current spending habits and figure out what is unnecessary spending.



Take a good look at how you spend your money. Because that will give you a good indication of how what you currently value in your life and how you can streamline and prioritize in a way that brings you closer to your goals.


  • Call all the places that you pay monthly, ask to renegotiate or ask for loyalty discounts 
  • Track your spending and reduce unnecessary purchases. 
  • Call people who owe you money and make arrangements for repayment.

Plan on how you will profit from your gifts


  • Decide on the product(s) or services you will offer 
  • Calculate your upfront costs 
  • Decide on pricing based on your costs and sweat equity (effort & intellectual property), and leverage what you know about the current market. 
  • Plan who you will market to, where you will find them and how you will capture and keep their attention through to the sale. 
  • Once you have a system that works orchestrate how you will duplicate your system to get consistent results. 
  • Keep account of your costs, profits, sales metrics and inventory



I soon learned through guidance from my first life/wealth coach that my finances are closely related to my own energy sexuality and otherwise. Ultimately since where I see myself arriving financially and my relationship with my sexuality at that time weren’t aligning. As a young mother there were still a lot of things I didn’t fully understand or embrace about my womanhood and that was part of what was hindering my ability to present my value shamelessly, and properly position my work to be profitable.

When I analysed myself further I came to the realization that in both sex and my ability to be visible and earn money I had effectively hindered myself by holding back. Mostly because I never wanted to end up in a situation where I was being taken advantage of and insufficiently compensated for my time, passion and effort. In reality, holding back what you have to offer isn’t the solution in either case, as the experience of lack is often the by-product of a begrudging reduction in generosity.

In other words, it’s not that you need to dial back your energy completely, as that actually only creates more lack and resistance in your experience, which ends up increasing your propensity towards distrust which in turn attracts more self serving individuals into your experience. Instead, try to exercise discernment and intuition to put yourself in alignment with people who have better energy to exchange with you and are happy to compensate you in line with the value you also bring to their lives. Practice keeping your own energy balanced so you can stay in the vibration of ease and even exchange. First you have to decide what people you see yourself working with, how you want to get paid and what you are willing to do for your pay.

The biggest thing I remind myself of constantly as I go through life is that what we feel, think, say, do and receive -all feed off of one another to create our respective realities. Therefore it becomes our responsibility to curate our energy exchange to be mutually beneficial and of higher nature.

I ended up narrowing down specific areas where I was being blocked by my own negative thoughts and beliefs surrounding money these are things that many other people may have issues with too. If so, I hope this helps you.



  1. Not good enough drama (Imposter syndrome)
  2. Non-Pay Paralysis (fear that you will not be paid for your work
  3. Money fear (Fear of having money)
  4. Responsibility Avoidance
  5. Feds is watching Program
  6. Bank of me complex
  7. Fear of Losing it all


These are real fears, based in logic but unfortunately steeped in a ton of lack orientated emotion. As a remedy to these limiting beliefs i have developed some positive affirmations

If you would like to have these psychological spell-breaking affirmations sent to you via 5+ daily emails, add yourself to the success affirmations list, HERE.

Thank you so much for being a reader! If you do not want the daily affirmations but want to be on the list to know when there’s a new blog post, Sign up HERE








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4 Ways You Can Support the Artists and Creatives around you

By Angelina Henry

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow.. I have so many dope creative people around me!

And you may be noticing the brave souls begin to share their work or are starting businesses on the side. You might be a parent, a cousin, auntie or big brother.. You likely feel the urge to encourage and support
them in achieving their dreams. I know as a creative when I was young and even still now how incredibly important it is to have a layer of support among your inner circle. People who help you to explore and identify
early what your gifts are give guidance for how to succeed, spreading the about your ventures, and helping to get you work.

So if you want to be in assistance to the people you see developing into Creative Entrepreneurs, Here are 4 areas that make up what I call the creative support Matrix. Where creatives and patrons
can consciously invest in building a symbiotic ecosystem where art and creativity is acknowled, promoted,and properly rewarded.




  • Buy art
    • Open a store or gallery buying and selling work created by local artists.
    • Bid for government funded projects and hire local artists to for community projects
  • Direct others to buy art
    • Actively promote art collection as a desirable lifestyle choice
    • Create a blog talking about a specific creative medium and encourage your readership to invest in the artists you choose to support
    • Share the things they offer with others and make personal recommendations or if you are confident enough having tried it yourself, cosign the product, goods or service.


Creative Counsel

  • Offer advanced skill training
    • Share the benefit of your experience and artistic mastery with students
    • Offer classes & workshops on your area of expertise
    • Compile a collection of tips and advice
  • Share your tastes, review & promote products and offer constructive criticism


Platforms and Opportunities

  • Host events that showcase art, artists, creative businesses or talent.
    • Radio Show
    • Podcast
    • Tv show
    • Vlogcast
    • Magazine Article
    • Press release



  • Get a competitive edge hire an artist or creative consultant to work on your next project
    • Murals
    • Event performance
    • Interview
    • Features
  • Build teams of creatives to work on large scale, contracted projects
  • Compound visibility efforts by working with other creatives to cross audiences and expand fanbase.


Creativity is a gift to be cultivated, because its a way to make a way from no way. We will always need the creatives in society to make the world bright, insightful and hopeful.

If you want information on how you can turn your passion or gift into a small business.

Contact Angelina






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Your story is your diversity








Chapter 4

Your story is your diversity

“..* A little about my journey, and how my experiences helped to shape my chosen business model.

Taking you back 10 years or so, I can recall how I went about affirming exactly what my gifts were and strengthening my confidence in those abilities.

I got most of my novice creative business experience through the artistic, photography and graphic work I completed for friends and family for free. Then, after I graduated Senior year in 2006 and went on to go to college for fine arts where I would build on my skill set and tightening up my ‘workflow’.

Over time, I learned the nitty-gritty about what would be expected of me as an industry professional.

During college, I worked as a saleswoman at various well known companies in New York City – from Macy’s to Cablevision. Which is when and where I learned the majority what I know now about customer service, sales and marketing techniques.

By 2010 (aged 22) I was appointed to creative director for a friend’s start-up called “Downtown Mayhem”. I didn’t know it then, but one of the videos I created for our project ‘Downtown Mayhem: Volume I’ an early collaborative project, would go on to be a notable part of the visibility of careers that are simply soaring 7 years on.

Thousands of people saw it and loved it. It was all over Twitter and was even branded with our logo and message before we knew the true significance of what we had put in place. By then, the entire combined audience of each individual artist were aware of the work we had done as a collective and the buzz was still there, many people were looking to see more from us after that. But the start-up was only really structured with publicity in mind and no follow up project was planned. Had we put into play any sort of monetization strategies, we might have been able to generate the resources we needed to continue to grow. Sadly that effectively stunted its development and cut its life short.

Shortly after the first project was completed, the company and I parted ways. But the majority of the individual artists featured in the project went on to grow and flourish, and do incredible things.

That experience taught me that Multimedia is powerful and branding is essential to growth. Applying Multimedia messaging to your business through branding and combining it with smart profit strategies will absolutely take your business to another level.

Fast forward, to around 2012 when I had my daughter, I took some time while in London I work on my painting skills. Meanwhile, I kept a keen eye on observing what was happening in the art scene in NYC. By the time I came back to NY in 2015 I had been in contact with my unofficial fine Art Mentor. He introduced me to live painting with ‘Paint & Poetry’ some time before arriving and i had just been waiting for my opportunity to actually attend. ‘Paint and Poetry’ gave me an avenue to show and sell my work and get to know people. I did this for several months, learning each time, more and more of what it took to be an artist. This is where I learned that, although I loved painting and liked being on stage, the industry itself not as straightforward as I thought it would be, painting is already an expensive career when you’re working on a fine art level that cost only increases. Not to mention for me it can be seriously time consuming. The paintings that I valued the most weren’t fast food, since I take an average of 6 weeks to complete a large piece. I came to know for a fact that my finest works took a whole lot of time and were personal to me. I also personally need to be inspired and generally paint for the gratification of myself and others. So I prefer to keep my own pace with my art, whether I’m intending on selling it or keeping it for myself. This made me realized that when I do offer painting services, I likely will only take on 2-6 clients a year.

Soon, I felt like I had narrowed down what I was the greatest at, what I had a passion for, AND what I could produce the most abundantly and efficiently. This is when I began organising portfolios of work to reflect my aptitudes, and gradually charging more for my services.

I then started reinvesting the money I earned into more professional equipment and classes so I could improve on my production value.

After some time of this I came to the realization that, simply exchanging my time for money was a good way to create a business.
Yes, with hard work I could make an honest living doing almost anything. However, it was obvious without me working actively.. these kinds of solo, hands on business models couldn’t make money. If I couldn’t stop to strategize my growth while still receiving an income, then it would never grow and that I knew that wasn’t the best way to build true lasting wealth. Before hiring money and mindset coaches in early 2016, I had very little idea of what to do to solve this problem beyond acquiring more customers or raising my prices. How would I begin to acquiring the kinds of resources that could sustain my lifestyle, while doing what I love and how do I do it consistently.

To find answers I spent lots of time on youtube growing my business and spiritual knowledge. Learning about everything from business models to the body’s chakras, intuition and eventually studying my mindset and how the way we are hardwired affects each aspect of our lives. Based on the things that we consciously and subconsciously think, say, and do our experience changes with every decision and lack thereof.

I learned that the mental emotional body is a significant part of our experience as individuals, and just like the physical body also needs to be protected, strengthened and maintained so that it can function optimally.

In order for me to create and sustain the life I wanted to live.. Including the art what I wanted to channel, and the woman I wanted to be. I had to not only understand business principles, but also how to break things down and connect with my own internal condition. Seeking to Interpret my emotions and heal any wounds, so that I won’t have my progress controlled by any and all kinds of external circumstances. Going forward, I could truly be in the driver’s-seat of my own existence.

Among the many people I encountered on Youtube and Periscope, I found quite a few coaches and gurus speaking from this perspective. Many of which between them had messages I needed to hear about the inner and outer work that had to be done in life. I absorbed knowledge from those incredible coaches -some strictly through their free offerings, and others whom I took a step further and actually payed money to teach me more.

The gurus I gravitated towards were often those who were, and are still now, building incredible lives for themselves in this same world I’m in. -Beginning with the same or far fewer resources than I have now. So I knew that since they were able to do it, it must be  possible for me to get where i’m going too, I just needed to learn how it’s done.

Which brings me to the next action step..”


Thank you for reading a little more about my journey, this is an excerpt from “Creative Gold: Vol 1” an audiotape Written by myself (Angelina Henry) and narrated by Steven Perkins

if you want to learn more about how you can unleash your own creative giant, you can Download the full book and listen to the audio tape here

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The power of using video to market on Instagram and other social media.

The Power of using video to market on Instagram and other social media.

By Angelina Henry


So we have reached the closing chapter of 2017, and you may have noticed the recent explosion of video content all over the pages of social media. Its estimated that a third of our time online is used to consume video via wide range of digital video formats -between video memes, movie trailers, and how-to videos.. Video has found itself a staple use for the internet.

People love watching videos mostly due to the level of stimulation receive as well as the detail and speed at which you retain information by watching videos vs reading the same information in text form. Since its invention, the video format had those advantages.

One of the most notable shifts observed in IG was in 2015 –when Instagram, originally built to only share still photographs and graphics launched its own brand new video capabilities.

This was particularly interesting because since the moment IG launched in 2013 they seemed to be leading a wave of functionality in the social media space, when compared to their contemporaries such as Twitter & Facebook, but as time went on and it found itself in competition for dominance over market-share when new peer apps begin to surge in popularity and start competing for space.

For instance, when the “vine” app originally launched in 2013 vine wasn’t seen as competition to Instagram, after-all they were so different! that is until and people became obsessed with the things people could do with an 8 video loop. Video was on the rise as the favored content type online. I imagine the people over at Instagram experienced a significant impact on their metrics and could see how things were shifting in the market. In 2015 Instagram responded to the gradual territory encroachment and the markets growing demand for video by introducing the ability to post up to 15 second video clips. By 2016, it was increased to 60 seconds and now supports widescreen.

Why all the comotion? Well you see, by 2015 Instagram became painfully aware that the market was changing, and in order to continue to be the place to be online, the user experience has had to be evolving to meet or enhance the needs of the consumer, and in this case, they chose to adapt its existing photo sharing outlet to service the increasingly video-centric nature of it consumers.

The powerful thing about utilizing video for marketing is the ability to convey virtually any message you want, sound and visuals combine to push the story, and puts the viewer into a scenario they can engage with and in the format they can receive the most value from.

What you might be surprised to know is that, much like Myspace back in the day.. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, etc. aren’t just about socializing, lurking timelines and liking pics. For many, Instagram it’s a networking buffet and bustling marketplace for business and exchange of a wide variety of goods and services.

51% of online marketers have found video to be one of the most effective communication tools offering the highest return on investment compared to any other digital medium.

Meaning they reach more people, and make more sales with the employment effective of video marketing.

Video is approaching a new beginning of its wave, people who are learning video and using it in their marketing are seeing higher returns on their investments of time, money and effort.
All precious commodities as entrepreneurs.

Learn how to communicate with your audience using video.

Contagious Video Mobile Pro

Join the community

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80m dollars NET PROFIT to be EXACT.

This is the thing.. producers in hollywood will regularly miss money like this because many of them can’t predict gaps in a market they don’t thoroughly serve.

Due to routine homogeny in the industry, the perspectives of decision makers –and some industry pros have limited dimension. The parameters for what’s deemed to be a profitable project is skewed.. so this idea on paper looks like a likely failure, and not a safe investment.

Oftentimes the movie never gets the support it needs or doesn’t gets made at all. So noone knows 4 funny ass black comediennes properly marketed could rake in 80m dollars, until we see it happen.

Logic based on biased data tells producers to avoid less traveleled roads, and go with what they “KNOW” works.

When Hangover does well they automatically choose to make sequel after sequel until the franchise is exhaused.

Rather than finding out what other demographics also need a relateable band of Hangover-esq rediculousness to laugh at.

Blind logic tells the industry to greenlight what they’ve seen work well rather than what all the demos who like fun times and crass jokes may also be hungry for..

Well done ladies and gents who knew what time it was. Lets see more variations of content, more big money, and even GREATER IMPACT.

Well done! And congratulations #girlstrip

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Who Do You Serve?

In my journey as a creative entrepreneur, I’ve noticed how tempting it is to make our avatars: (the person/people we seek to serve consistently) a mirror image of ourselves.

The majority of us  have our focus set on looking to serve those who are exactly like us in the most literal way possible.

And its not hard to understand why..  If I chose to concentrate specifically on the Black, Female creative demographic. I’d find those who are are a similar age as me – but whom are perhaps at an earlier stage in their development. This strategy would be understandable and almost acceptable because I was her and so already know her to some extent, therefore I know what she needs to know and do in order to get from where she is to where I am now. 

But to be real, if I based my marketing on that blanket archetype of a black, female, creative, it goes without saying that there are literally thousands of women out there, “just like me” all of them ready to share out similar knowledge. What makes me different?

– The added perspective of My Journey, My STORY, my HOW and my WHY.

It’s true, your ideal audience is going to share some similarities to you but not in the way you might think.

Yes, generally an audience like this will tend to relate to you on a superficial level because 1) You share certain obvious similarities and 2) Because they need something that you offer, are troubled by a problem you have experience with and need a tried, true and reliable solution.

However, the people who buy and then continue to return and patronize your business long term are your Ideal clients. 

These client are attracted the “What” of your offerings, but stick around for WHO you are, your STORY and your reputation.

Your style, and the subtle nuances of your “HOW” is what turns a Target into an Ideal client.

Understanding what is irresistible about the way you do what you do, and identifying your signature process and the true reason why people gravitate towards you, is key to being of service to that core client and hitching them to your wagon, long term.

Here’s an outline for learning who to serve and how to attract them to you.


Get to KNOW your Audience

  • Pay attention what kinds of viewers are attracted to your content
  • Take note of people who choose to follow you and come by often
  • Notice when people become more or less interactive and why.
  • Observe the times of day they are most active.


DIFFERENTIATE between your overall AUDIENCE, TARGET client and your IDEAL client.

  • Your audience is usually anyone in a line of business that could benefit from what you are offering, and need to learn about and why its right for them.
  • Your Target clients are those who are already aware that they need your offering but now need to know like and trust you enough to buy from you.
  • Your Ideal client already feels like they know, like and trust you. They love consuming your free content and In many cases they have already bought from you and are now ready to learn about your next offering.



  • There are many people offer what you offer, but none can do it the way you do.
  • Your CULTURE is an extension of your personal style, and style is your secret sauce.
  • What makes you defensible when compared to those that offer what exactly what you offer is your culture and relatability.
  • Your content may be what brings your client to you, by fate or recommendation but the CULTURE is why they stay.
  • Identify your style and CULTURE and what makes it so special so you can build the rest of your branding around it.


Now that you know who you’re talking to, Look THEM ALL in the EYES

    • Acknowledge the presence of new people who may have just discovered your existence, make them feel welcome
    • Be knowledgeable and personable. Tell relateable stories, mishaps and triumphs.
    • Share your perspectives on things and offer solutions based on your experiences and observations
    • Grow, but keep the essence of your brand culture intact.


As you’re growing your passion into a business, branding is a pivotal component to your business’ development.

I’m here to share with you what I know about the subject. ‘


Contact me If you are a creative entrepreneur who is interested in working with me to build and refine an authentic brand experience so you can STOP the pattern of playing small and start showing your audience, far and wide.. You are here, You are valuable and Highly capable.

Between now and August 7th  2017 I’m giving you access to the Brand Kitchen Training Bundle is for 0nly $47, after that it goes up to $97.

You can check me out here at and contact me at

If you have received value and want to learn more about the subject of branding, please subscribe for new post updates so you don’t miss a thing.



“For the past decade have worked as a sales professional for 4 top companies in the US and The past 5 years also spent working with startup establishments creative entrepreneurs turn to me when they want to develop irresistible branding that attracts the RIGHT clients, maximizes their marketing dollars so they can make more money!” – Angelina Henry

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Enhance The Value of your Creativity

By Angelina Henry


If you are a creative, likelihood is you’ve heard the general consensus is that the pursuit of a creative livelihood is a super bad idea, and bound to have you struggling to pay your bills.


If you’re like me this advice didn’t stop you. But it made you too careful. you didnt go balls to the wall with your dreaming, because what if the inevitable happens??

What if you fail and you end up destitute, just as predicted?

I have always been a highly creative person, and though I was thrust into a life of corporate product sales, I have always fiercely rejected the idea that I could not become wealthy through the use of my talents.

After-all, I do have a LOT to offer the world, right — How could I starve?

I reasoned that, Sure.. there a many starving artists out there But there are some highly paid ones too..

So I did some research and found exactly what I had to enhance in order to thrive as a creative entrepreneur.



#1) SKILL > Get Good at your chosen craft, Then Get BETTER!

–  People who have taken the time and effort to cultivate and perfect their skills are the ones who win, and continue to do so consistantly..


Get OUT THERE and be noticed.

–  Expanding your network and becoming increasingly visible is the ideal way to grow an audience for what you have to offer.


SHOW your people what you’ve Got!

–  Showcase that skill in the places where they can be seen and appreciated


Solve a problem or fill a need with your work

–  Successfully link the goods or skill YOU HAVE with how it can fulfill a need someone has, and you will have a way to profit from what you know, thus supporting your continued work in that particular field.


All the greatest artists out there who have employed these principals have gone on to impact the world and their pockets significantly.

And these points don’t only apply to individuals, groups can and do follow the aforementioned steps to achieve success on a much larger scale;

Jamaica for instance, (a very small country in the Caribbean) was able to elevate from the realm of relative obscurity by leveraging the resource of creativity held by its people — With the figure heading of one individual the legend mr BOB MARLEY, among others, They were able to gain unprecedented visibility, Literally moving the entire world, with the power of its signature sound, Reggae.

India and Nigeria were able to enjoy similar successes, making millions building their own twist on the U.S’ notoriously homogeneous and culturally exclusionary film industry in Hollywood, California,

Each building their own version of the platform (Nollywood and Bollywood) by leveraging their own unique culture and the creativity of its people.

Bottom line here is this.. CREATIVITY is indeed a HIGHLY valuable gift to possess, but you must follow rules to win!