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80m dollars NET PROFIT to be EXACT.

This is the thing.. producers in hollywood will regularly miss money like this because many of them can’t predict gaps in a market they don’t thoroughly serve.

Due to routine homogeny in the industry, the perspectives of decision makers –and some industry pros have limited dimension. The parameters for what’s deemed to be a profitable project is skewed.. so this idea on paper looks like a likely failure, and not a safe investment.

Oftentimes the movie never gets the support it needs or doesn’t gets made at all. So noone knows 4 funny ass black comediennes properly marketed could rake in 80m dollars, until we see it happen.

Logic based on biased data tells producers to avoid less traveleled roads, and go with what they “KNOW” works.

When Hangover does well they automatically choose to make sequel after sequel until the franchise is exhaused.

Rather than finding out what other demographics also need a relateable band of Hangover-esq rediculousness to laugh at.

Blind logic tells the industry to greenlight what they’ve seen work well rather than what all the demos who like fun times and crass jokes may also be hungry for..

Well done ladies and gents who knew what time it was. Lets see more variations of content, more big money, and even GREATER IMPACT.

Well done! And congratulations #girlstrip

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