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Let Visibility Liberate You!

I have always believed deeply in the right for the artist to LIVE A LIFE OF EXPRESSION and purpose. There was once a time where at the door of our dreams stood a faceless gatekeeper who kept many of us from being visible an counted. Now with our hands on this incredible combination of hand held technology and personal social media platforms, we have the power to reach out and touch others with our messages.

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Creative Currency


When you’re getting ready to embark on a new level of your existence, and you’re making big changes in your life. There are some things that need to be evaluated, especially when it comes to your finances.

Before you can have money flowing to you, you have to be organised and structured. Because money does not flow in clutter.

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4 Ways You Can Support the Artists and Creatives around you

Have you ever thought to yourself, wow.. I have so many dope creative people around me!

And you may be noticing the brave souls begin to share their work or are starting businesses on the side.
You might be a parent, a cousin, auntie or big brother.. You likely feel the urge to encourage and support
them in achieving their dreams. I know as a creative when I was young and even still now how incredibly
important it is to have

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Your story is your diversity

Chapter 4

Your story is your diversity

“..* A little about my journey, and how my experiences helped to shape my chosen business model. –

Taking you back 10 years or so, I can recall how I went about affirming exactly what my gifts were and strengthening my confidence in those abilities.

I got most of my novice creative business experience through the artistic, photography and graphic work

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